About Us

KC's Car Wash Front All of the cars washed at KC’s Car Wash go through what is known in the industry as a ‘Hybrid Wash’ process. Simply put this process leverages the ability of high-pressure wash cycle to blast away dirt from hard to reach areas while friction materials clean flat surfaces.

Each car is washed with Neoglide® material – the most technically advanced material in the car wash industry. This new wash material is extremely gentle to today's soft clear coat vehicles. It also inhibits dirt from being imbedded in the wash material, so there is no disturbance to the clear coat paint. This gentle material eliminates virtually any types of damage to vehicle exterior parts and is very "vehicle friendly". Additionally, NEOGLIDE® has a phenomenal brightening effect on painted surfaces and out cleans as well as out performs conventional car wash soft cloth.

Whereas the Neoglide® material excels in removing soil from the flat surfaces of your vehicle, our secondary high-pressure wash cycle blasts away dirt from wheels, grooves and any hard to reach areas occasionally missed by the Neoglide® material. Our high pressure pumps and zero degree nozzles deliver the necessary impact to deliver a thorough and gentle cleaning process that is nearly impossible to achieve without automated machinery.

Car Washes Back In The Day

Back in the early days of the automotive industry, car washes were a thing to marvel at. That doesn't mean you still can't do so today! At KC's we were inspired by great car washes of the past and their attention to detail and quality. Just as they used the best available resources at their disposal back then, we aim to do the same for you today!

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