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Our Washes

KC's Car Wash Options At KC's we offer a variety of different washes to best suit your needs. Our state of the art washing systems guarantee that your car will not only be be spic-and-span by the time the come out, but that the gentleness of our wash will keep your car's body and paint safe and in pristine condition.

Simoniz Products

Simoniz For over 100 years there has been one brand name that Americans have grown to trust when it comes to detailing their car: Simoniz. There's a reason why Simoniz is called "the detailer's choice!"

Simoniz® Hot Wax & Shine™

This unique application applies hot carnauba wax to the entire vehicle and delivers an incredible shine to your vehicle.

Simoniz® VisionClear™

For Protection from Rain, Snow and Sleet! a silicone-containing product that forms a molecular film for your windshield and seals the microscopic pores thus repelling rain, snow and sleet. The VisionClear™ protected surface causes water droplets to bead up, allowing the windshield to blow the droplets away as you drive. The results: better vision and safer driving.

Tire Cleaning and Luster

Tire Wash Make your tires look new again! Using our sophisticated Tire Cleaner and Scrubber we make sure to get the dirt and grime off your tires, including the treads! To top it off, our on-line Tire Shine does more than produce a high gloss finish – it helps to prevent cracking, fading and hardening of your tires.

Rim Shine and Protection

Rim Wash Tough jobs demand tough detergents and nothing can be more difficult to remove than heavy brake dust and road film from your car's wheels. Our Rim Shine Wheel Brightener application is an expensive professional grade detergent that safely loosens stubborn film so that your wheels come out clean.

Clean Protection

KC's Car Wash Entrance We offer a variety of services to ensure that your car exits our wash both clean and protected! For your convenience and for your car's safety we offer:


Our Pre-Soak coats your car in a specially formulated soap that safely loosens dirt and road grime from your vehicle for a cleaner car coupled with a better shine.

Light Wash

Our special combinations of professional grade ultra-soft wash materials are engineered to wash each section of your vehicle with the optimal mix of safe detergents and motion. This process gently lifts debris from the surface of your vehicle, flushes away dirt, and buffs the prepared surface for a maximum shine - similar in manner to the results achieved by an orbital polisher.

Underbody Wash

A clean, dry and shiny car isn't enough. Our Undercarriage Wash helps to gently loosen road contaminants from under your vehicle – to aid in corrosion prevention.

High Pressure Cleaning

Whereas our soft cloth wash excels as removing soil from the flat surfaces of your vehicle, our secondary high-pressure wash blasts away dirt from wheels, grooves and any hard to reach areas often missed by cloth, even when washed by hand! You can't do this at home. Our high pressure pumps and zero degree nozzles deliver the necessary impact to deliver a complete gentle clean that is nearly impossible to achieve without automated machinery.

Foam Polish Wax

Our Foam Polish Wax penetrates road film and offers protection from harmful ultraviolet rays – while enhancing the shine of all painted surfaces.

Clear Coat Protectant

Don't be lulled into thinking that the appearance of your vehicle is protected because it has a clear coat finish. Environmental exposure wears away your clear coat finish – our Clear Coat Protectant works to reinforce the integrity of your clear coat finish and improve its ability to protect the appearance of your car's body.

Touch-Free Air Dryer

It's not enough to merely wipe away the remaining water from the surface of your car. As anyone who has ever washed their car at home knows, water accumulates in grooves and crevices, only to pour out as soon as that car leaves the driveway. Our Touch-Free Air Dryers gently blast water out of crevices for a truly dry finish that won't be spoiled by water runoff.

Unlimited Vacuums

KC's Car Wash Vacuums Complimentary self-serve vacuums are included with the purchase of every car wash. Our strong commercial vacuums maintain consistent suction to help you breeze through this chore without the worry of running out of time or destroying a home vacuum that is not designed for this task.